A Letter from the President

A Letter from the President


In 2005, I was a Canadian entrepreneur frustrated by the difficulty of accessing financing for cross-border transactions. By 2006, I had joined three of my colleagues who had started TFS with an entrepreneurial focus, determined to help businesses get the financing they needed to expand sales around the globe.

With the world’s largest economy right next door, we could see the opportunities passing us by just for a lack of working capital. With a goal of changing that equation for other businesses, we came at the problem from the inside out. We put our passion, business experience and trade knowledge into Trade Finance Solutions.
Over the years we have grown and expanded our reach, but we are still led by entrepreneurs just like you. We understand the challenges you face and can help solve them.

There are very few places on this globe where we don’t finance trade, and we have built a large international network of professionals to help solve global trade challenges for clients. Now with principal operating offices in Miami, Toronto and London, and local representation in major markets across the US and Canada, we have developed the expertise necessary to navigate the nuances of local trade practices and regulations. Now you can share in the confidence to expand locally, or go global. At TFS, we think the world of business.

Steve McDonald, President