About Us


We See Trade Through Your Eyes.

A group of entrepreneurs with a vision, we created Trade Finance Solutions Inc. (TFS) in 2006 to finance the growth of related businesses. Realizing that other growing businesses were facing limited financing options to fund international trade, we expanded our reach past the related companies and became an independent commercial finance company. Today TFS is a leader in providing short term financing solutions to growing small businesses and middle market companies around the world, from startups to established enterprises.

Because we have been in your place, we understand the challenges entrepreneurs face when presented with financial hurdles to growth opportunities. As a result, we’ve created a customized service offering which allows growing businesses to further expand, while minimizing operational restrictions.

TFS Services Include:

Asset-Based Lending
Supply Chain Financing (Supplier Credit)
Purchase Order Financing

Along The Way, We Never Lose Sight Of Our Core Values:

  • Customer-focused Teamwork
  • Solving Client Challenges
  • Respect for Clients
  • Reliable Transactions

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