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Alternative Finance Solutions for Exporters in Singapore & Asia Pacific Region

Trade Finance Solutions sees Singapore as one of the world’s most attractive markets for opportunities in commodities and energy trade. We specialize in offering bespoke financing options for global traders, and as a result have always taken the position that creating market growth is as much about facilitating trades that would not otherwise happen as it is about expanding existing accounts and projects. TFS delivers on this concept all over the world, and can offer real solutions to a growing problem in Singapore.

The port is now said to have become a ‘parking lot’ for seaborne oil cargoes, including refined product. The decline in prices and the fact that large companies find it uneconomical to finance small, spot transactions that could clear this oversupply have added to the problem. We specialize in directly facilitating these smaller deals waiting unfulfilled in the port.

Singapore has long been at the centre of Asian trade routes thanks to its geographic location, and has twenty regional and bilateral Free Trade Agreements between thirty-two trading partners. Many of the world’s largest commodity merchants, consumers and producers continue to base themselves there, and the port remains effective as a base from which traders can manage their relationships with buyers and sellers. This has attracted a wealth of talent and expertise, and has enabled the build-up of the necessary networks, infrastructure, cultural diversity and knowledge to support trade across Asia and the Indian subcontinent cialis rezeptfrei in holland.

Oil price speculation will continue, but the situation in Singapore requires solutions now. The port’s proximity to China, which will soon reach its storage limit for crude oil leading to a potential fall in the nation’s demand, will only exacerbate the issue. Even if structural change in the oil market is coming and the supply ramp ends, solutions are needed immediately to move the product already sitting idle.

TFS has the expertise and hands-on experience to assist merchants of all commodities in Singapore, where there is great opportunity. Many companies are not able, through traditional methods, to secure financing and move their goods, which remain in the docks.

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