The Perfect Partner for Banks


Today’s slow growth, low interest rate environment is pressuring bank earnings. Banks are finding it difficult to attract new clients and have to work harder than ever to retain good ones. Partnerships or working relationships with independent finance companies like TFS can produce solutions that win the bank new clients, and help them keep valued ones.

Trade Finance Solutions works actively with banks to plug gaps in their product coverage—providing liquidity against overseas receivables, financing trades in new markets, and helping smooth exposure to high debtor concentrations. Such a partnership helps banks retain customers they might otherwise find difficult to assist, without diluting profitability.

TFS partners and provides a bank with peace of mind. We provide the expertise, hands-on experience and knowledge of local regulations to facilitate cross-border trade for fast-growing businesses. As such, third party risk is minimal, and through complementing, not competing, with traditional lending services, the bank’s ownership of the customer relationship remains uncompromised.

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